Discover the Swabian Alb ... and all free of charge with the AlbCard!

Imagine you are starting a (short) holiday and we give you the entrance key to the Swabian Alb as a gift when you check in:

With the AlbCard you can enjoy top sights such as Hohenzollern Castle, thermal baths, the Steiff Museum and much more free of charge every day of your holiday. 

FREE use of local public transport

FREE admission & services to over 150 attractions.

From the first night of your holiday, we give you the AlbCard and thus free admission to 150 sights and experiences as well as free travel on public transport. 

AlbCard - Experiences

AlbCard - free of charge - and day after day anew

Anyone who has ever been a guest in our region knows to appreciate our inventive spirit. This is where the people of 40,000 years ago discovered the beauty of art and music, where famous noble dynasties built magnificent mansions and where resourceful gourmets developed regional specialities of national renown.

The quest for innovation and perfection always accompanies us - also in our guest service. From now on you can enjoy our latest creation: the AlbCard.

As a guest in one of our holiday flats, you will receive your key to real Alb happiness free of charge. In the AlbCard we have bundled all the typical experiences and attractions of the Alb for you, which you can combine every day anew as you wish. To complete your guest dream, the AlbCard is valid as a ticket for all public transport in the region - in the big cities as well as on the Alb plateau.

We give you the AlbCard as a gift when you check in at our holiday flats or, in keeping with our tradition of inventiveness, transfer it directly to your smartphone on request. And now it means unlimited, environmentally friendly mobility and maximum experience at no extra cost during your entire stay with us. Guest service in perfection.

From now on, you will receive the AlbCard as a free additional service from your first overnight stay. It offers you daily:

1. Free use of the public transport system.

  • With the AlbCard you can travel free of charge by bus and train between Tuttlingen, Tübingen, Aalen and Ulm.

2. Free use of the top leisure facilities

  • Admission to thermal spas and baths such as badkap, Bad Blau, Panoramatherme or AlbThermen
  • Visits to the cultural highlights Limes Museum, Prehistoric Museum, Hohenzollern Castle and Campus Galli
  • Unforgettable experiences such as a canoe tour in the Upper Danube Valley or a mammoth hunt in the Vogelherd Archaeopark

and much more

You can find all the AlbCard savings benefits at

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