AlbCard – for free – and that day after day new


Anyone who´s ever been a guest in our region appreciates our capacity for invention. Here The human from 40.000 years ago discovered the beauty of art and music, famous noble dynasties built magnificent mansions and developed a resourceful gourmet for regional specialties of national fame.

The pursuit of innovation and perfection always accompanies us – also with our guest service. From now on, you can enjoy our latest creation:
the AlbCard.


As a gust in one of our apartments, you will receive a free key for your personal Alb-luck. Summarized in the AlbCard are all Alb-typical experiences and attractions, which you can combine new every day. To complete your stay here, the AlbCard is valid as a ticket for all public transportations in the region.

The AlbCard will be gifted to you as you check into your apartment or can be transferred to your smartphone. And now it is about unlimited, environmentally friendly mobility and maximum experience at no additional costs throughout your stay with us. Guest service in perfection. 

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